About ERDO

Somalia Rural and Environmental Development Organization (ERDO) was founded 2019 through the partnership of professionals who felt the need to provide a paradigm shift to the current humanitarian based interventions that have dominated interventions in Somalia. The organization works in South West, Jubaland and Banadir Regions of Somalia

Somali has now subsided but the effects remain. There is widespread unemployment, low literacy levels, disease, and sometimes famine. Various humanitarian organizations and donors are working to create better humanitarian conditions through such initiatives such as provision of food supplies, water, farm inputs, and shelter to the most affected.

Activities we do

Two women from Lamadhadher village collect water at a nearby well. Like many in rural Somaliland, this well has not been treated or constructed properly, which puts the village at risk of water-borne diseases
Making our Community and environment priority is our passion
Environmental Initiatives
Food security
Health and Nutrition
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

Why Us

Holistic Approach
Local Engagement
Focus on Vulnerable Groups​
Collaboration and Partnership

Let's develop our environment and rural areas.