Nutrition case study by ADADA M.C.H

A mother with a child has been deliberately targeted; the mother has commented the experienced with her Child and she narrated as bellow. Two months period I have not slept regularly. And I Bought one of my goats to get my child treated but the Attempt come in vein, the child not cured and I stayed Restless for the health of my child I went to traditional Healer’s house for help but he cut and burnt my child’s Stomach Still the child not cured and the weight of My child went down. So I worried for the life of my Child, one day someone came to me and he told me to Bring this child in Baidoa town coming Monday. I brought my child in Baidoa town, it was Monday Morning, by the time I came I have seen groups of Women with their children in a certain comp called Sakami in Baidoa met group of health workers around and treating the mothers and their child unfortunately they were ERDO health staffs ADADA M.C.H team   then later I was sent to the ADADA M.C.H for further consultations. There I saw many mothers listening to the health Education on sanitation after the session ended one Of mothers  come to me and ask me where I come from “Deynunay I replay to them” deynunay is located in East side  Of  Baidoa district  about 25 km away from Baidoa town . Immediately one of ERDO ORG security staff saw me having severe child on my back and he said came in! Came in! “Thanks I replayed” the ERDO ORG security urgently contacted one Of OTP team. Minutes later, the OTP staff arrived and I follow him To the OTP center, than the OTP not far from the MCH, any how my child got vaccinated, and screened For the weight for length My child’s weight was 4.6 kg and the length was 65.5 cm and MUAC 10.3 cm they told me that my child was Severely malnourished they give me 1 piece of Plumpy nut they told me to wash my hands before the Plump nuts eat to the child and I followed the Instructions given to me to feed the child with the Plumpy nuts I give one test he has refused to eat it but OTP Supervisor came with me and saw the refusal of eating Plumpy nut of my child The Supervisor ordered to bring warm water and sugar to OTP assistant few Minutes the sugar and warm water brought in front of me and sugar was dropped into water and stir it, the Supervisor and one assistant with clean cup arrived and poured warm sugared water in the cup. The Supervisor ordered to me to give the child the Warm sugared water and half of it he drinked the child Minutes later the plumpy nut ordered to me to give The child than, he has eaten it about 72% really, was Very happy to see him when he was eating and taking the.  Medicine Two week later my child started playing and also Eating the other food when he finished 36 pcs of Plumpy nuts of the first around and the medicine my Child started to walk and catching the other people Near him my fifth around the weight became 7.3 kg Then, weeks later TSFP was transferred so as to be Admitted my child by the way, my child his kg 8.1 Now I am very happy the health of my child health.

Said habiba nor maclim from deynunay village under Baidoa district .May Allah bless those helped

My child.

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