Somalia Rural and Environmental Development Organization (ERDO) was founded 2019 through the partnership of professionals who felt the need to provide a paradigm shift to the current humanitarian based interventions that have dominated interventions in Somalia. The organization works in South West, Jubaland and Banadir Regions of Somalia. Somali has now subsided but the effects remain. There is widespread unemployment, low literacy levels, disease, and sometimes famine. Various humanitarian organizations and donors are working to create better humanitarian conditions through such initiatives such as provision of food supplies, water, farm inputs, and shelter to the most affected. It is important for initiatives that lead to improvement in protection environment, income opportunity; education creation, food security, and health improvement are created to ensure a more stable Somalia. It will also curb the tendencies to gravitate towards violence as a means to an end. ERDO engages in various activities to contribute to the eradication of extreme poverty and hunger through programs that enhance proper nutrition and health with strong emphasis on maternal health care, psychosocial and trauma healing, mental health, food security and livelihood, WASH programs, building resilience and response to emergencies/disasters, and community development.  Since inception, ERDO has played a fundamental role in delivering aid in South Central Somalia. Hence as a result we shall continue with our mission of collaborating with our stakeholders within and beyond Somalia to advance development with special emphasis on youth, children and women through strategies that empowers them to contribute positively to the social, economic, political and cultural growth of the community.


ERDO mission is to contribute in designing and implementing life changing development programs and livelihood schemes in Somalia, which alleviate environmental degradation, climatic change risks and deepening poverty in collaboration with relevant stakeholders so as to ensure holistic sustainable development in rural areas.


ERDO aims to see a just, peace and prosperous Somali nation and well protected environment inhabited by dignified people having sustainable livelihoods